The last two weeks were again incredibly busy. I would like to thank everyone who tried out the game over the last few days! The initial feedback I’m getting on the game has been extremely helpful and I’m excited to do more tests and add more players.

I worked some small features that I’m just going to list them as I don’t think the details here are important:

  • Save/Loading: world can now be saved and loaded again later
  • Builds are now available to closed alpha players through Steam
  • New player guide:
  • New in game menu for saving/loading/closing game

New Crafting System

A small crafting overhaul was required this week to make the early game a little bit more interesting. Previously you were unable to craft certain items until you unlocked the assembly machine, but now you can craft items in the crafting menu:

You can now press and hold on items in the crafting menu to craft them manually. This will allow me to add items to recipes that would otherwise not have been available.

This new crafting menu will allow me to add more items as requirements for buildings. This just adds a bit more depth to the early game until you unlock the assembly machine.


I know this was a short post but hopefully next week I’ll have more time to do a proper blog post. The last two weeks were insanely busy for me and I was just trying to get as much done as possible. I’m working on some cool stuff over the next 2 weeks, join the discord if you want to know what I’m working on!

– John