There were a ton of updates to the game the last 2 weeks, I’m moving towards adding in more story based elements into the game and moving towards and end game.

Also, closed alpha test 2 is getting pushed back until the end of the month, however it will be worth the wait because there is a massive content update coming that will include all of the stuff in this blog post.

Custom Water Shader

This is the smallest update this week but it took me the longest and I had a lot of fun working on it. This water shader is performant and looks awesome! It was a lot of hard work but I’m very proud of the way that it turned out and it will be showcased in the next release.

The new water shader looks great and should be performant on most modern hardware

This shader was implemented using ShaderGraph with the Universal Render Pipeline

New Buildings

New buildings were added this week as part of a new content push. Boppio now has a new objective for the player to work towards: building a space ship to return home. There will be small story elements added to the game during the next update, but its likely the storyline will remain a mystery for the upcoming update.

Space Elevator Platform

The space elevator platform is a building that is used to transport items into space in order to build spaceship modules. You build the platform on the planets surface and assign a building that you would like to build in space. When the platform has all of the items that are required to build the building, the platform launches into space. When the platform arrives it starts building the spaceship module. When the spaceship module is complete, the platform returns to the planet’s surface so that it can be reassigned to build another module.

The initial render of the space platform

The function of the space elevator hasn’t changed much since it was added to the game, but the visuals have changed significantly and you will see why in the next update.


The Habitat will be the first building the player is required to build. You will start with the items needed to build the habitat and you won’t be able to build any other buildings until this building is complete. The habitat also provides a small amount of power which is enough to power your first Research Lab.

A render of the Habitat

Building Status

A common complaint in games similar to mine is that new players are not able to figure out why a building is not running when they think it should be. I’ve added an explanation to tooltips that specify exactly why a building isn’t running:

Tooltips now give you feedback on why a building isn’t currently running

The indicator is green when the building is running. When the building isn’t running for a minor reason, like a full output slot, then the indicator is yellow instead of red. Currently I’ve added this information to the building panel as well but it seems out of place, so this information may only be available on the tooltip in the future.


There were lots of updates this week and I hope everyone is excited for the new update. More people will get access to the game at the end of the month so if you’ve been expecting a key you will likely get it in the next 2 weeks.

Thank you everyone for your support!

– John