Release 0.1.1 has been uploaded to Steam, it should be available to download immediately. Builds for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux (64 bit only) are available and the proper build should be downloaded automatically through steam.

This build took longer to get together than expected, there were a ton of last minute bugs that I wanted to fix because they were pretty impactful on the player experience but I got most of them fixed.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support, I’ve had many people asking me about the game that I haven’t talked to in years so it was fun catching up with everyone ❤️

Changelog Shortlist

This is the list of things that have been changed this week that are too simple to warrant a descriptive section:

  • Camera zoom using scroll wheel
  • Fixed visual bug with smaller text in tooltips and in menus
  • Fixed visual bug with transparent shaders in build (affects transport tubes and research labs)
  • Fixed visual bug where particle systems were rendering over transparent objects

Known Issues

This release is substantially more stable than the previous release, however there are many known issues that could not be fixed in time for the release. If you experience an issue that is not on this list, please post in the discord, send me a DM or send me an email.

  • No shadows on terrain for item transport tubes
  • You can place buildings on top of the player and on top of trees
  • Player can move through buildings
  • No items in transport tubes after loading save file
  • Transport tube extender has status “Internal Error” – this issue is benign

New Player Guide

The new player guide has been updated for this patch and can be found here. If you’re having trouble getting started and you’re running into a problem not covered by the new user guide, please post in the discord.

New Icons

All items and buildings now have automatically generated icons, this replaces the old system of just using whatever placeholder icon I had available. This was really common feedback during the first alpha test so I wanted to make sure I addressed this.

The iron/copper ores and ingots probably need to be differentiated a bit more because its hard to tell them apart with the current renders.

Transport Tube Extenders

Transport tubes can now be extended. This will help with base organization and will allow you to have multiple tubes of items running in parallel. This will be more important in larger bases because the bandwidth of pipes is limited.

Transport tube extenders can be used to keep larger bases organized.

Updated Tech Tree

The tech tree was very minimal in the first alpha test. The tech tree for this test is closer to the end goal in terms of function and visuals.

Some of the tech that I originally had enabled for this build has been disabled because it just wasn’t ready to be tested yet, but it will surely be in the next build.

The tech tree has been completely reconfigured. Lots of new unlocks and new techs.


Thank you everyone for trying out the game. If you haven’t already please consider joining the discord, it helps me a lot to have a central place to collect feedback. Thank you to everyone who is trying out the game!

– John