I would like to thank everyone who took the time to try out Boppio for patch 0.1.1. The feedback I got from playtesters was mostly positive and the criticism was very helpful and much appreciated. I’ve incorporated a lot of suggested fixes from the playtesters and I hope everyone gives it another try.

I actually was pretty sick at the beginning of October and I’m still not sure exactly what it was. I got tested for covid and it came up negative but I was out sick for about a week. I’ve been back to full capacity the last 6 weeks or so and things are moving along nicely.

Steam Playtest

If you want to get on the list for playtesting the alpha version of Boppio, you can join the alpha list through steam:


Anyone who joined the alpha mailing list should receive a key today, however I will no longer be taking applications though the mailing list and instead will be taking alpha testers from Steam exclusively.

New World Generator

Boppio has had a massive visual improvement this patch with the new terrain shader and world generator. This shader is actually much more performant than the old shader, even though it looks a lot more complex. I’m really happy with how the new shader turned out and I will continue to improve it over the next few months.

The new terrain shader and world generation engine in Boppio

There are some known performance issues on MacOS, so the grass and water detail have been removed on that platform for now. In the future there will be graphics settings where you can enable/disable these features, but for now if you’re running on a mac you won’t have those details.

Updates to the New Player Guide

The new player guide has been updated for this patch. There have been some substantial gameplay changes so if you are new or you get stuck give it a look.

The new player guide updated for patch 0.1.2

Destroying Entities

Some really common feedback that I got from the last playtest was that you can’t destroy transport tubes unless you destroy the building that its attached to, which actually really sucks. I knew this would be a big issue but I didn’t have really any time to come up with a solution.

You can now destroy item transport tubes by just holding down right click.

Another piece of common feedback was that players were confused whether or not they were getting their items back after destroying a building. So I decided to give some hints through the UI:

You can now destroy buildings by holding down right click. You also get a quick preview of the items you will receive after destroying the building.

When you are destroying a building, you get a hint underneath the action bar that shows you the items you will receive if you destroy the building. I still have more ideas to take this feedback further and hopefully I’ll have time to add it before the next playtest.

Transport Tube Junctions

You can now combine transport tubes by attaching multiple tubes to the same building. This replaces a lot of the hub functionality so the hub may actually end up getting removed.

Junctions can quickly and easily be created by connecting buildings together. This allows for a much cleaner base design.

You can create up to 4 connections on each building. This will give players a ton of options for connecting buildings together without needing additional buildings to help orchestrate the connections.

Connecting many buildings together quickly is now possible with transport tube junctions.

Eventually you will be able to bisect a transport tube (adding a junction in the middle) but I still have a lot of work to do on this front. the main issue is deciding where bisections are allowed, how long tubes need to be in order to be bisected, etc.

New Assembly Machine

The assembly machine model has been updated and it has a new animation and sound effects. If you follow the boppy games twitter account you have already seen this.

New assembly machine model.

The assembly machine is actually slightly larger than it was before and for this reason any many others, old save files will probably not be supported for the next build.

Save System Fixes

The previous save system that I had written had many issues and lots of players lost save file information in patch 0.1.1 which was obviously not good, so the save system has been rewritten and is definitely more stable than the previous issue. There are still some known bugs but you shouldn’t run into a situation where you cannot load your game. It may take up to a minute to load your save file if you’ve explored a substantial amount of the world.

Twitch Streams

As some of you know I did a couple of Twitch streams on the terrain shader. I got a lot of positive feedback from this and I wish I had more time to Stream but I haven’t had any other big features come up that would be a good candidate for streaming. Most of the work I do on Boppio would be pretty boring to watch, but I will try to find some fun things to stream again in the future.


Thank you again to everyone who is giving Boppio a try. If you like the game or you want to give feedback, please consider joining the Discord.

Thanks again,

– John