Hello everyone, as you probably noticed this release was supposed to come out March 1st but it ended up getting pushed back a day because we needed to do additional testing on the release.

I really wanted this release to be backwards compatible with 0.2.0 but there were a substantial number of terrain generation improvements that have made that not possible at this point.

Small changes

  • New transport tube shader
  • Terrain tree colors are randomized
  • Range of power poles increased
  • Substantial changes to the Technology Tree
  • 2 new in game music tracks added
  • Tons of bug fixes to the item network
  • Fuel time for wood and coal increased
  • Unity engine upgraded to 2019.4.20f1

Fluid Buildings

This is the main feature of this build, and we are really excited for everyone to try it out. There are two new fluids that are accessible: water and oil. The primary function of water in the game right now is to generate power and to craft new items. Similar to water, oil is used to craft new items.

Right now there isn’t a way to see the flow or capacity of a pipe by looking at it. You can click on a specific pipe to get this information, but there isn’t an indicator on the pipe itself (yet).

Water Pump

The Water Pump pumps water from a lake into the pipe that its connected to. This water can then be as input to either a steam engine or a chemical plant.

Water pumps are placed into a lake and pump water into the connected pipe.

There is also a new UI window that pops up when you click on a specific pipe:

The new Fluid Pipe UI shows you how much fluid is in a pipe and the current flow.

Steam Engine

The Steam Engine takes in water and a fuel source (wood or coal) and create power. This is a massive improvement over the old system of putting the steam engines into the water which was very clunky. It was also extremely easy to create all of the power you would need for the whole game in a few minutes.

The new steam engines are a major improvement

Oil Derrick

The oil derrick is comparable in function to the miners. It must be placed on top of an oil patch but instead of running off of coal, the Oil Derrick operates off of electricity.

The Oil Derrick pumping oil from an oil field

The main purpose of oil right now is to pump it into the Chemical Plant to create new items.

Chemical Plant

The Chemical Plant is a new type of building that combines fluid and items to create new items. You can only input 1 fluid right now and I think we will likely keep it this way to keep it simple.

The chemical plant right now functions as a small focus for the mid game as you need concrete to unlock the oil derrick and the space elevator. Finding a good balance between power efficiency and crafting speed will be a new and welcomed challenge for players.

Two Chemical Plants producing Rubber.

Transport Tube Filters

One bit of frequent feedback we got from players is they want more control over the flow of items in the network. I think this typically becomes more of an issue when players start getting to the end of the game and they have many furnaces and assembly machines running and the network is becoming extremely inefficient with items traveling long distances to get to the buildings they are trying to get to.

We designed the item filter so that you can select the items you want to be able to pass through the filter:

Filters can now be chosen based on the items you want to allow through a transport tube.

This seems like it would be such an easy thing to change, just make it so that the building only allows a certain item through right? Well, the complexity comes from the fact that you have to prevent the sender building from sending the item in the first place. If items were still allowed to be sent this would cause jams at the fluid filter which is obviously not what we want. We figured out a good solution and it works extremely well!

Terrain Generation Changes

The terrain generator got a ton of new updates. There are lots of new small details that are generated, the main ones affecting the beach/sandy areas which were extremely bare before. Since water is extremely important now we thought it was time to give the water and beach areas some attention and the visuals have improved dramatically:

Corals and other details are now generated during terrain generation.

You should also notice other terrain decorations as well, like twigs, sticks, rocks, etc.:

There is still a lot of room for improvement here, but this was just an initial step towards something much better 🙂


Again as always I would like to thank everyone who is taking the time to try out Boppio early, especially those who have joined the discord and have given me direct feedback.

If you are curious about what I’m working on next, you can check out the roadmap that I posted a few weeks ago. It details the expected features for the next few months and our goals for 2021. I am also going to start streaming more and possibly doing some YouTube videos, but Twitch streams are easier for me from a time commitment perspective because it doesn’t require video editing.

If you haven’t already, please consider joining the discord. I’m almost always online and available to answer questions or address concerns 🙂

Thanks for reading,

– John