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Hello again everyone! Sorry the blog post was so late, but I’ve been extremely swamped the last few weeks. There were some problems with this release and we’ve had to issue multiple patches, but I think things have mostly quieted down at this point.

Release Date Pushed Back

I know I’ve already pushed back this release date quite a few times, but unfortunately I’ll have to push it back again. The new release date is May 19th, 2021. The main reason I’m pushing back the release date of the game is we don’t want to launch without multiplayer and full controller support – which is taking more time than I anticipated. We also want to give Valve plenty of time to review our game, as they have made several request for changes or improvements in the past which is expected.

Trailer Released

The trailer for the game has been uploaded to YouTube, you can check it out below (this trailer still has the old release date):


I’ve started regularly streaming the development of the game on twitch! You can follow me here. I’m probably live right now 😅

Also, here is the stream schedule. I try to stick to this as much as possible. Its likely I will stream on additional days too if I’m feeling up for it or if we’re doing a special event for the game or for the stream.

New UI

The entire UI has been replaced in the 0.2.2 release. I got the opportunity to work with someone who helped me with a lot of the redesign. I think this new UI feels a lot more unique and fits the style of the game much better than the old UI.

There will continue to be improvements to the UI over the next few weeks.

The new player UI is much improved. We now have more room for many more buildings compared to the old deign.

Technology Tree

The technology tree has received a major redesign. Instead of modules building out to the right in a scroll view, they now build up and only contain the tech module icon. Details for the tech module can be examined by click on an individual tech.

The tech tree has been completely redesigned where now we can add basically as many technology modules as we want!

Key Remapping/Rebinds

A highly requested feature was key rebinds, so we added that this patch. You can now rebind pretty much all actions in the game. When we finish the controller support, you will also be able to remap controller actions as well.

The current state of keyboard action rebinds

Terrain Generation Improvements

Up until this point everyone was playing on the same map. Even though the map has always been procedurally generated, we have kept everyone on the same seed in order to ensure everyone was playing on a valid map. I improved the terrain generator so that no matter which seed you’re playing on you should always get a valid generation (although some seeds are definitely more difficult than others).

You can now also preview the world before you play it:

The speed at which the preview generates is highly dependent on the multi-core performance of your system. Nevertheless, we hope this is an appreciated improvement 🎉

You have the option of changing the amount of water and dirt that spawn. Currently the water slider does not affect the starting area water – however this will be improved in the future. You can also increase the size of patches to make the game a bit easier, or you can decrease the size of patches to make the game slightly more difficult.

Combat + Enemies

As part of the new terrain generation improvements, enemies now spawn outside of what’s known as the starting area. The starting area is a small area in the center of the map that contains all of the resources for the player to get started and is free from the danger of enemies.

A preview of the new combat


As always, thank you to everyone whose taken the time to try out the game in early access. I know there were some issues with this patch with the save system, but thank you to everyone for sticking with the game and working through the problems.

We also know people will be disappointed by the change in the release date, but I know its what the game needs.

Also a huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by the Twitch stream, it really helps keep me motivated to hear feedback and input from the community 😃