If you are running Linux and you have a newer graphics card that supports Vulkan I would recommend giving this a try. The default graphics rendering platform for Boppio is OpenGL, this is due to a ton of compatibility issues with older hardware. In the future we will have a prompt that does this automatically but for now you have to manually force Vulkan if you want to use it.

Forcing Boppio to use Vulkan

The first step is to go to the properties menu for Boppio. This can be done by right clicking Boppio in your Steam Library and selecting properties.

The command line arguments can be found at the bottom of this page. We simply want to enter -force-vulkan as a new command line option. Make sure you are on the general tab:

In the text box at the bottom we are just going to enter -force-vulkan:

After you’ve done that make sure you restart Boppio and it should now be running using Vulkan instead of OpenGL. If the game immediately crashes there is an issue with Unity with your specific graphics card using Vulkan. Unfortunately this problem is out of my hands for the time being and will hopefully be addressed in a future update of the Unity Engine. This issue can also affect newer cards for some unknown reason, like NVidia gtx 2060s are known to cause this issue.



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