Updated 04/14/2021

Hello! This is an overview of the planned features for each release. Some features may be moved to a later release if they’re not quite ready yet, but this list should be pretty accurate. Each release will also have its own dedicated release post, which I will also link here as they are released.

If you’re looking for the 2022 Roadmap, you can find it here: https://boppygames.gg/?page_id=712

DateReleaseFeatures Overview
January 1st0.1.3 – Building UI updates
– Storage chests
– Habitat changes
– Better error feedback
– Changes to performance and quality settings
– Initial implementation for fluids – no buildings quite yet
– Game rebalancing
February 1st0.2.0– Power improvements
– Tech tree rework
– New building models and animations for existing buildings
– New player character model
– New in-game and menu music
– Terrain visual rework
– Steam page updated
– Performance improvements
March 1st0.2.1– New fluid buildings added
– Technology tree modules added
– New buildings
– More terrain improvements
– New transport tube shader
April 1st0.2.2– Combat and Enemies
– New UI implementation
– New buildings and reworks
– Massive technology tree modules changes
– Balance changes
– Preparing for early access launch
– Content for technology tier 1 complete
April 15th – Playtest open again, allowing signups for another 100 users
– Issues discovered in the last major playtest addressed
May 1st0.2.4 – Network support complete
– Full controller support complete
– Preparing for early access launch
May 19th0.3.0– Boppio is released in Early Access on Steam
June 1st0.3.2– Only patches/fixes from release expected
July 1st0.3.X – More fixes expected, potentially a few new buildings released early
– Terrain generation changes and improvements
July 19th0.3.X– New terrain generation engine
– Item network improvements
– New buildings
September 3rd 0.4.0-beta
– Technology tier 2 beta patch release (beta-0.4.0 branch)
– “Locked” building from early access launch will be unlocked.
– Tutorial complete
– New main menu screen
– New Trailer
– Steam Page Updated
– New Buildings + Technologies
– Balance Changes
September 10th0.4.4– Technology Tier 2 is released to the default branch
– Fixes from 0.4.0 – 0.4.3 release
November 1st0.5.0– Technology Tier 2 Extended patch
– Car added
– New Stacker/Extender
– Balance Changes
– Catador improvements
December 20th1.0.0– Technology Tier 3 patch release
– Space Transport unlocked
– Planned 1.0 public launch
– New Trailer
– Steam Page Updated

Its likely more releases will be added to this list as things get moved around a bit. Also the 1.0 release is not the end of updates for Boppio, there will still be many content updates and improvements into 2022. Its likely as we get closer to the end of 2021, we will release a 2022 roadmap.

Roadmap Changes


Originally Boppio was going to participate in an upcoming Steam event, however due to the timeline constraints we decided to opt out of the event. This would have forced us to make a demo for Boppio (February 1st availability) and clearly the game is not ready for a massive influx of public playtesters yet. Due to this, the demo release has been moved to the April 1st build.

Initial networking support moved to April 1st, this is due to the fact that the March 1st build is extremely overloaded with content as it is.

The majority of the terrain improvements moved to April 1st, as they did not get done in time for the February 1st build.

Some of the tech tree improvements for March 1st have been backported to the February 1st build because the game is ready for some of these reworks.


Networking support moved to later in the year, it might make it into the early access launch depending on how buggy it is. If the multiplayer is mostly acceptable then we will ship it in early access. Controller support has also been moved to the early access launch at the earliest, however this is another candidate for getting pushed back if we’re short on time. Combat also moved to April.


Release date changed to May 19th. Multiplayer and controller support are really important for the release date and I want to make sure that those features are not only working but are thoroughly tested and fully integrated into the game.


A new playtest is opening on April 15th. We will be granting access to these players on May 1st.