Boppy Games is happy to work with content creators for making content about Boppio. Creating the following types of content using Boppio are allowed:

  • Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live Streams of game content (e.g. live let’s plays)
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit videos of game content (video series, gameplay reviews, etc.)

These assets may not be used in the following ways:

  • To promote unofficial or illegal downloads of Boppio
  • To promote hacks or other software that compromises the security of Boppio, Boppy Games, our users or parties affiliated with us.

If you have questions or concerns about the content you are making, please feel free to reach out to us directly through the discord server.

Game Assets and Branding

Boppy Games, LLC owns the copyright to all images, gifs or other content listed hereafter. You are allowed to use these assets for the purpose of promoting Boppio content. Do not use any of these assets in any manner that would be considered obscene or damaging to the game or our brand. These assets may NOT be used to promote unofficial or illegal downloads of Boppio.

Notice: Boppy Games and Boppio are trademarks of Boppy Games, LLC.

As a style guide, please use primary logos where possible. Please do not use the deprecated logos for any promotional purposes.

All of these assets are also available in source format in the Google Drive Press Kit


Primary Game Logo

Mono Black

Mono White

There’s an image here trust me 🙂

Promotional Assets

Header Capsule

Hero Capsule

Library Capsule

Library Hero


Enemy Assets