Hello! This is an overview of the planned features for each release for the year 2022. I have planned out the first 4 months of 2022, planning further out than that is pretty pointless as a small indie dev studio. I will continue working on Boppio past April 30th, but I will continue to update and add more things to this roadmap as time progresses.

There will also be bug fix patches in between releases. There should, on average, be a release every 2 weeks. Likely in January there will be a release a week but as we continue through 2022 that should slow down to biweekly releases. I’m out of the “bleeding edge, get things done as fast as possible” mode now, and now more focused on final polish. Thank you to everyone who has reported issues and helped improve the game 🙂

DateReleaseFeatures Overview
January 30th1.1.0– Balancing changes
– Quality of life improvements
– Multiplayer fixes
– Headless server build (available for Windows and Linux)
– Visual Improvements to the Item Teleportation Hub + Portals
– Feedback addressed from the 1.0.0 release
– Substantial GPU performance improvements
– New main menu screen
– Quality of life improvements
February 27th1.2.0– Balancing changes
– New power building
– Multiplayer fixes (likely headless build fixes)
– CPU/GPU performance improvements
– Graphics and world gen refresh
– Controller support fixes
March 31st1.3.0– Opening/ending cinematics
– More performance improvements
– New buildings/techs added
– Tutorial updates
– Complete Audio reimplementation
April 30th1.4.0– Major Release
– New UI
– Steam Achievements

If you’re looking for the 2021 Roadmap, you can find it here: https://boppygames.gg/?page_id=440